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Training Center

Wave Canon offers a limited number of time slots for one-on-one training for composers and sound designers. If you are a proficient composer or sound designer who is would like to learn the advanced skills required to create at a master-level, you may apply for a time slot for specialty training with the founder. Learn the methods and secrets that nobody else will tell you and gain competitive advantage.

Contact me for more information

Recording Track Layers

Master your music production skills with exclusive training sessions designed to elevate your creativity to master levels. Break into the competitive world of production music for trailers and overcome common frustrations. Improve your mixing, mastering, sound design, and DAW skills to create the impactful sound trailer companies are seeking.

Industry demands are evolving, requiring composers to be more versatile than ever. It's not just about composing; you need to be a mix/mastering engineer, music editor, and sound designer.

Don't waste time on generic tutorials and "master classes" that don't offer practical, actionable advice. Get direct, personalized training that addresses your specific challenges and questions.

What You Can Expect:

  • Remote training with a private viewing link with lossless audio.

  • Hands-on guidance tailored to your needs.

  • A bundle of sound materials to support your goals.

  • We will walk through every item until you are satisfied.

  • I will show you which sound libraries are being used and why.

  • Custom music for advertising

  • Layering

  • Designing trailer sound FX such as rises, whooshes, stutters, pressure builds, hits, suckbacks, pulses, slow motion, glitches, morphs etc.

  • How to achieve a perfect short strings sound, massive trailer brass and how to make the slam hits punch through.

  • Mixing and mastering for delivery.

  • How to make perfect mastered stems.

  • We will analyze trailer music and the stems that nobody has access to.

  • Loudness metering and summing.

  • Advanced music editing with stems.

  • Advanced tempo mapping for scoring to picture and scoring exercises.

  • Getting synchs and overview of rates.

  • Sonic branding and logo mnemonic design techniques.

  • Audio RX

  • Setting yourself up for success with the right corporate structure.

  • Technical setup i.e. how to make your hard drive configuration work for you. 

  • Open forum to ask anything you like.


Why Choose This Training? I want to help make you the best you can be so we can work together! My goal is for you to become a successful contributor to the Wave Canon sync catalog. This investment in your skills can lead to significant opportunities and financial rewards.

Contact me for more information. Time slots are limited.


Nicholas O'Toole

Founder | Wave Canon

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